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About KIMO

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Company History

  • • KIMO was set up in 1979 in Dordogne(near Bordeaux) and is a 100% French-owned company. In its early days, the main
        activity was the manufacturing of liquid column manometers for pressure measurements.
  • • Located in the industrial area of Montpon ( France ), the factory head office spreads over 10,000m2, with electronic and
         mechanical manufacturing lines, laboratories (1500m2), design and R&D Department, After-Sales Service, show-room, etc.
  • • KIMO supplies a broad spectrum of customers from small HVAC installers to large industrial plants, whatever the application,
         thanks to its wide range of portable and fixed instruments. KIMO product lines can meet requirements as diverse as
         pharmaceutical laboratories, airports, nuclear power stations, aeronautics, paper or automotive industries.
  • • KIMO pays the greatest attention to quality and constantly improves its laboratories to control its manufactured instruments.
         KIMO calibrates its devices according to AFNOR standards in pressure, humidity, air velocity, airflow, acoustics and electricity.
  • • For 30 years, KIMO has been expanding and makes it a point of honour to be at the forefront of research and progress, and
         to offer high-quality service. KIMO is in touch with clients needs, and also stimulates market demand.


  • • Measuring instruments manufactured by KIMO-portable or fixed installation are dedicated to :
         Ensure the correct operation of heating, ventilation and refrigeration installations, to improve comfort and reduce energy over
  • • Meet environmental standards and reduce emission of pollutants in the atmosphere.
  • • Guarantee safety of people, by monitoring environment to avoid the spread of bacteria, gas, food industry,
         pharmaceutical laboratories, hospitals, nuclear…
  • • Control and maintain optimal conditions for manufacturing and storage, in industry, museums, agriculture, breeding…

Metrology laboratories of KIMO

  • • Pressure • Humidity
  • • Temperature• Air velocity
  • • Tachometry• Airflow
  • • Electricity • Solar
  • • Sound level• Light
  • • Calibration